About Antiva Biosciences

Antiva Biosciences, Inc. is a venture-backed biopharmaceutical company developing novel, topical therapeutics for the treatment of pre-cancerous lesions caused by HPV, before they progress to invasive cancers. Our lead product, for treatment of cervical neoplasias (HSIL or CIN 2,3), utilizes antiviral prodrug chemistry developed by Dr. Karl Hostetler at the University of California San Diego. Our goal is to provide a non-surgical alternative for treatment of CIN 2,3 that preserves women’s reproductive health, can be self-administered in the privacy of their homes, and improves access to care in underserved communities where OB/GYN resources are scarce.

“I treated women for cervical and vulvar precancer for nearly 40 years and always hoped that a topical treatment would someday be available that would alleviate the problems associated with surgical approaches to treatment and provide greater accessibility to treatment for underserved women especially limited by lack of medical professionals trained in these procedures, whether in rural or other underserved areas in the US or internationally. I wish Antiva Biosciences well in their endeavor to provide this new treatment option.”

—J. Thomas Cox, MD

PAST-President ASCCP, clinician, clinical researcher and medical teacher in HPV and cervical cancer prevention